Who is Leading The Clinic?

Dr Binita Kane is a Consultant Respiratory Physician who has practiced medicine in the NHS for over 20 years. Her 11 year old daughter has suffered with Long COVID since January 2021. Her search for answers took her on a journey which resulted in collaboration with experts from around the world and eventually travel to Germany for medical treatment.

Dr Kane said “I have experienced first-hand how difficult it is to find the right expertise and care for Long COVID, everyone is doing their best but research is happening slowly and not translating into treatments. I now want to bring what I have learned to people in the UK. Whilst we wait for much needed clinical trials, there is an urgent need to treat symptoms based on what we already know from the science. There are >250,000 research publications on COVID and two and a half years of patient experience from across the globe. We know a great deal about the pathophysiology and there are evidence-based treatments that can be offered.”

Patient Voice

Patient voice has been central to development of the clinic. Dr Asad Khan is an NHS doctor who developed COVID in 2020 after working on the frontline of the pandemic. He has since become a global patient advocate, researcher and campaigner, whilst continuing to navigate his own route to recovery. He has acted as a patient advisor to support Dr Kane in shaping the service.

‘I have learnt a huge amount in the last 2 years from lived experience of the illness, connecting with hundreds of other longhaulers across the world, reading research papers and finding physicians who are willing to push the boundaries and trial treatments that are based on sound scientific rationale. We also have decades of research on MECFS that we can draw on. It has been a pleasure to support Dr Kane as a patient advisor and we hope to continue learning and bringing the latest research and thinking to people with Long COVID in the UK.